Ryan Photography - Serving most of Wisconsin. Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton, Green Bay.

People and Portraits

Ryan Photography offers portrait and people photography for business and personal uses.

  • Choice of canvas, muslin, and paper backgrounds
  • 33' x 20' camera room with 10' ceiling
  • Tethered camera for immediate previewing of images
  • Client and guest observation area overlooking the camera room
  • Lounge and changing rooms
  • Thirty years experience creating great portraits
  • Environmental portraiture— your portrait on location in your environment

There is no better way to improve your professional image then having a professional portrait taken looking your professional best.

Various and Assorted People

Who doesn't like photographing people. I got my start in the commercial photography business photographing people for a large commercial and portrait studio. You can choose from either hand-painted canvas, muslin, or paper backgrounds, even green screen and I can artwork you into any environment. There are lots of ways to light people but hair and background lighting is a must for a good portrait. It separates the subject from the background and brings the viewers eye to the individual. We have all seen the self-portrait press release; you can tell the person held their camera out and took their own photo. Or, the mug shot portrait. Really? It's your image!!! For $85.00 you can have a professional portrait taken looking your professional best. Another option is environmental executive portrait. Nothing has the impact that a quality environmental executive portrait has.

Tasha Crooks

30 photos

Chamber Ambassadors

Thanks to all the Chamber Ambassadors . . . for all you do. It was much fun having you in the studio.

Joleen Allard 132

23 photos

Hansen Family

Hansen Family

20 photos