Ryan Photography - Serving most of Wisconsin. Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton, Green Bay.

Architectural Interior Photography

Ryan Photography is a leader in architectural photography.

I have 30 years experience working with architects, designers, engineers, builders, hospitality and real estate agents. The quality of my interior photography speaks for itself. I have been the photographer on many large private, corporate, and municipal projects. I have been commissioned to photograph throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and the UP and have had several assignments in Manhattan requiring me to travel with full lighting.

I have been the "official" architectural photographer on many large municipal projects: Marshfield Clinic- Stevens Point, The Kroc Center, Bellin College of Nursing, the Resch Center, the KI Center, Camp Randall, and Lambeau Stadium.

  • I have been a full time architectural photographer for 30 years.
  • I have worked with the best architects and clients on some of the best projects. My references include recognizable architectural, design, and engineering firms.
  • I have extensive experience working with large and difficult projects.
  • I travel extensively throughout Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and the Upper Peninsula in addtion to being outfittted for airline travel. I have completed several photo shoots in Manhattan that required a full assortment of lighting.
  • I shoot until I know you have what you want, edit to the best, and output files for your needs.

Whether your need is large or small . . . interior, exterior, or aerial . . . I will capture the views you want.

What to look for in your architectural interior photography.

  • Is the perspective correct? Do the walls need to be parallel or is it acceptable for them to converge?
  • Do the highlights around light fixtures show detail? Do the lamp shades show detail? Can you see the texture and color of the glass?
  • Does the view throught the windows show or is it washed out with no detail?
  • Is the color accurate or does it throw off the color on everything in the room? This is important to interior designers and anyone needing accurate color. I cringe when I see a room lit with only the available tungsten lights.
  • Do shadows block out texture and cause a loss of color? Does the room or area feel too dark?
  • Is the coverage (angle of view) really showing the size and scale of the room or does it cover too small an area? Does the area covered in the photo relate to the floor plan? Should it include several rooms in a single view?