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About Ryan Photography

Photography has been my passion for 40 years. I learned skills through many years of processing film and paper, starting with an old 4" x 5" press camera, and diligently studying and practicing Ansel Adams' Zone System.

I provide the artistic vision and execution by applying depth, texture, color, balance, light and feeling to enhance and create appealling images for commercial and personal interest.

I shoot mostly using a Nikon professional digital system tethered to a MacBook Pro. I perform considerable post processing to manipulate the images and in general attempt the ideal.

I was selected to create all the Lambeau Stadium Redevelopment Project photography over the 2-3/4 years in progress, and the final architectural images of Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, home of the Wisconsin Badgers. The Lambeau Redevelopment assignment involved monthly interior, exterior, and aerial coverage. At the conclusion I was selected to create the finished architectural project photos, including the first aerial images of the Packers' in their new stadium. You can view a small sampling of the final images at Lambeau Field and Camp Randall. Recently I was selected to create monthly surface and aerial images of the South End Zone Redevelopment. at Lambeau.

I had several customers ask me to photograph at locations that require airline travel. In response I have added airline travel among my offerings and have completed several photo shoots in Manhattan that required a full compliment of lighting equipment.

Thank you for your interest in my creative work. Pricing is provided on a per project basis. Please call or email. I look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Steve Ryan

Ryan's Studio